UFOs, The Universe and the Time Travellers
By Joan Hope

In Loving Memory of Joan Hope
October 4, 1916 - July 9, 2007

Joan Hope's IQ was 152 graded by Mensa in 1949.
This is a work of genius. Please pay attention.

It is important to note that this book was in manuscript form in the 1970's and self-published in 1994. You will see that what Joan knew and wrote about then, is what is being written about now by Stephen Hawking.

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The Time-Slot Theory


The Universe as Seen by Astronomers

An Antimatter Galaxy and
the Fifth Dimension

From the Viewpoint of Eternity

Mutations and the Atom

Time Travel, Wild Time, Ghosts and UFOs

Maleness and Femaleness in Thought
and how Events are Shaped

The Family Tree, Re-incarnation
and the Power of Love

Flying a Time Capsule, Calling Energy into the Time-Slot and By-Products of Love

A Nation of Time Travellers

A Sixth Dimension; Conditions in Eternity and Wild Radiation; Upper and Lower Regions

A Summary

Appendix & Notes

Selected Bibliography




I wish to thank all who have helped me in the preparation of this book, particularly Michael Howard, who was responsible among other things for the diagrams; and John Nauss, who helped in many ways and checked my manuscript in both its earlier and its later stages.

UFOs, The Universe and the Time Travellers
By Joan Hope

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The Time-Slot Theory

All speeds in primeval energy are vibratory.

Time is created in the form of a time-slot by lack of relative motion between two bodies of energy involving a slowing-down of vibrations and is seen as having infinite length.

Space is created within the time-slot as a by-product of time and has length, breadth, and height.

Wild time is created as a by-product of space and exists at the outer limits.

Within space-time speeds may be either vibratory or linear (velocity).

Seen from within space-time differences in vibratory speeds appear to be linear.

A time capsule may be created by increasing the energy vibrations of two or more bodies to exceed the speed of light and then creating a time-slot by maintaining lack of relative motion and slowing down the vibrations within.

Viewed from within a time-slot all variations in speed outside it appear to be linear.

To travel or create distance, a time capsule increases its vibrations while maintaining lack of relative motion within.


A scientist who in the early 1960s was awarded a Nobel Prize for his discovery of "plasma" in space and that its particles travel in spirals, has made the statement that the most difficult aspect of his work was that of proving his theory by laboratory experiment. One cannot help wondering how many others before him failed to launch a new concept such as this simply because he or she could not devise a means of proving it in the laboratory. By how many years has our knowledge of the Universe been held up by lack of laboratory proof?

As long ago as 1934 it was discovered that electrons had a "spin" - that is, they travel in spirals. These spirals give the quantum effect, often described as "waves"  Looking with the aid of a telescope into space, we see that the galaxies also move in spirals. These are very vast, but it is surely logical to suggest that the spiral is a basic feature of the Universe. Long before the theory was accepted in the 1960s, I had come to accept that this was so. I had no laboratory at my disposal, but the scientists eventually provided me with the required laboratory evidence.

The spiral is not the only thing common to both the tiny atom and the vastness of outer space. The atom, with its electrons moving around a nucleus, seems to be remarkably like the Earth with its moon and the Sun with its planets. Furthermore, the force which binds the atom has been found to be mathematically equivalent to the binding force which is known as gravity and is found in all planets and in the solar system, and in fact in the galaxy as well, though here it is said to be negative, i.e. expansive.

It is my conviction that this is a misconception and that the binding force is another of those basics - like the spiral motion - which are to be found throughout the Universe. I await laboratory evidence.

I would like to point out, however, that in some fields it seems to be a mistake to demand work in a laboratory as confirmation. Its limitations are obvious, especially where space study and astronomy are concerned, and I fear that if these demands prevail, they must come to the point of preventing much of the needed work on the origin of the Universe. It is quite impossible, as far as I know, to study conditions in Eternity within a laboratory situated on Earth or even in a spacecraft in orbit.

It is greatly to the credit of the discoverer of "plasma" that he actually succeeded in devising the machines he needed in order to prove his point and explain it to his fellow scientists in their own terms. The diagrams which he produced to show the spiral motion of his plasma particles were amazingly like my own diagrams illustrating vibrations or movement in space or in Eternity, including time travel. The plasma which he had discovered was identical with my "creative thought" or primeval energy. This I see as the matrix of Eternity, which, when its vibrations slow down, may form within itself time-slots. The space in such a time-slot must also contain a certain amount of this energy, and its presence in stars and planets is known to all; but that it is also scattered throughout space is entirely new to us when we remember that space was once thought to be empty, or to contain only interstellar dust and gases.

As far as I know, no scientist has yet come forward with proof satisfactory to the demands of science that the spiralling particles in space are identical with creative thought as we know it. Still less likely is the existence, either now or in the future, of laboratory proof that this primeval energy which has come into our time-slot from Eternity constitutes a fifth dimension in which everything exists. The four dimensions so far known are length, breadth and height (all concerned with space) and time. The fifth dimension, which is concerned with the primeval energy of Eternity, I call radiation.

Apart from the facts I have already mentioned, there are a number of others which may help us to understand more intimately the Universe in which we live. These I give below.

Powerful sources of radiation have been found to exist far out in the Universe. Also very far out, as far as any telescope can penetrate, has been found a so-called impenetrable "wall", the nature of which is still not known.

The more distant galaxies are more primitive in form than those which appear to be nearer to us in space, and some of them are "double" or "twin" galaxies. The more distant galaxies also show the "red shift" - the farther out they are, the greater the shift towards the red end of the spectrum.

The existence of "cosmic rays" has been noticed by astronauts and others.

In the Universe, as in nature, nothing is wasted and everything which exists has its opposite or negative equivalent. Here is an interesting link between fact and thought: it is impossible to form a concept without at the same time forming a concept of its opposite. Once again, what is basic to thought seems also to be basic to the Universe.

Recurrence is a feature of infinity. In mathematics we have the recurring number; in space around us we appear to have recurring galaxies - another connection between thought and the Universe.

There are many unexplained phenomena such as dreams, ghosts, clairvoyance, faith healing; and the fact that in certain parts of the world people live to a great age.

The power of thought is known to exist and is used in various acceptable and less acceptable ways all over the world; thought control is practised, whether on oneself or on others. Electrical activity is known to be present in the brain and nervous system.

Much, then, has been discovered about the Universe and much has been explained. In order to understand what is still unexplained, it might be easier if we try to examine it and all that is in it from the viewpoint of Eternity. Peering into our time-slot, we may then see that the Universe is, in relation to Eternity, not expanding but slowing down - or, in relation to ourselves, has already slowed down; that our galaxy has divided into two new galaxies, one containing matter and the other, antimatter, and that they are held apart by a force exceeding that of their attraction for each other; and that this force is to be found in the matrix of Eternity which surrounds us and gives us our fifth dimension - radiation.

The Universe as Seen by Astronomers

One of the first galaxies to be identified as such was the nebulous patch in the constellation of Andromeda, at first known as the Andromeda Nebula. The further men peered into space through their telescopes, the more nebulae they discovered. Only later were they identified as galaxies like our own Milky Way.

The two apparent patches of "mist" in Orion, known as the Magellanic Clouds because of their discovery by the circumnavigator Ferdinand Magellan (1480?-1521), were found to be attached to the Milky Way.

It was some time before astronomers realized that the Milky Way was actually, like its nearest neighbour and like the other nearer galaxies astronomers could see, lens-shaped and rotating around a bright centre.

A new telescope was installed at Mount Wilson, U.S.A., in 1917, and it was this which led to the discovery of apparently millions of nebulae or galaxies as they were found to be. Only the nearest were seen to be similar to the Andromeda galaxy -namely thicker in the middle like a double convex lens and spiral in formation, turning (in relation to the Earth) from west to east and having the characteristic trailing spiral arms. The position of the Sun on one of the arms near the centre and the fact that clouds of so-called interstellar dust obscure the centre made it difficult to determine the actual shape of the Milky Way. It was the fact that the brightest stars were found to lie in distinct lanes which clinched the matter: the lanes were the arms of the spiral.

The galaxies appeared to astronomers to be distributed in groups like islands in archipelagoes. At first some were observed to be bar-shaped, but later these too were found to be of the characteristic lens shape. It also emerged that, like the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy had two attendant patches of stars, dust and interstellar gas to match the Magellanic Clouds. Not only that, the estimated star-count was found to be similar. A main difference was that there appeared to be more new stars or novae in that galaxy than in the Milky Way. This was to be expected, since light takes time to travel from one galaxy to the next so that the Andromeda galaxy as now seen appears as it was sometime in the past.

With the advent of ever larger and more powerful telescopes - the 200-in. telescope at Mount Palomar, U.S.A., for instance - the size of the Universe known to man grew ever more vast. Soon more than a million galaxies were estimated to be visible, those nearest to the observer bearing a resemblance to the Milky Way but those farther off appearing to be at a much more primitive stage of development. Later estimates gave a figure of 100,000 million. Wherever astronomers looked, they saw a string of galaxies likened to a series of islands stretching away one behind another into the infinite distance.

Many difficulties were encountered in measuring the distance between the various galaxies, and widely differing estimates were made. Because at first they were thought to be much nearer, the more distant galaxies were estimated to be smaller than those closer to the Milky Way. Even the distance between the Earth and the Andromeda galaxy was wrongly estimated at first and it was only in 1952 that the error was discovered. The Andromeda galaxy was found to be twice as far away in space as previously estimated. This meant that not only was that galaxy twice as large, but so were all the others; and these too were twice as far away. The telescope was reaching 2,000 million light-years into space. Space was eight times more vast than previously estimated. The most distant visible galaxy was 5,000 million light-years away and the limit was not yet in sight.

The magnitude of these initial errors can be appreciated when it is remembered that the Andromeda galaxy was originally estimated to be 19 light-years away. A later estimate gave 650,000 light- years and since then yet another estimate has been made giving the distance as "something approaching two million light years" (1961). It seems by no means certain that this will not itself be superseded.

The differences in development between the various galaxies presented less difficulty to astronomers: in all cases they could be accounted for by the time it took light to travel to Earth. Through a telescope each galaxy was seen at that stage of development which would have been reached by the Milky Way the equivalent number of millions of years ago.

One phenomenon which had puzzled observers since the beginning was the apparent recession of the more distant galaxies.

The distances between Earth and the nearest galaxies were estimated by observing certain stars known as the Cepheid Variables, sometimes called "pulsars". These are stars whose brightness is seen to vary or "pulsate" over a period of time. They were found to be relatively common in the Milky Way, less so in the Andromeda galaxy, while the next nearest galaxy had fewer still, and so on. However, a sufficient number of these Cepheids was seen in each of the other galaxies to enable them to be used as a basis for the estimation of distances. For example, a ten-day period of pulsation would result in a luminosity 950 times greater than that of the Sun. It was found that by estimating how far away a Cepheid must be to reduce it to the faintest point of light, the distance between Earth and that star could be calculated: this was the distance from Earth of its galaxy.

Regarding the nearer galaxies, no overwhelming difficulties seemed to be encountered. It was in measuring the distances of the outer galaxies that unreality seemed to supervene and inexplicable phenomena appeared. It was discovered that the farther the telescope penetrated, the greater the speed at which the galaxies appeared to be receding, until ultimately it was thought that only an initial explosion could have been the cause. It was estimated that the galaxies were separating to double their original distances apart in 1,300 million years. What astronomers were observing which led them to this conclusion was a progressive and measurable reddening - a shifting of the spectrum of the distant galaxies towards the red. Given what are regarded as normal conditions - i.e. those obtained on or near the Earth, this is caused by the Doppler effect of a receding velocity. The light- waves from a receding object do not all reach the observer as quickly as they would if the object had remained still, and the reduced frequency gives, in accordance with the Quantum Theory, less light. The reduction of light reaching the observer gives a reddening effect - hence the redness of the more distant galaxies.

Various theories were put forward connecting the "red shift" with the distances between the galaxies and Earth and the rate at which the galaxies were receding.

The problem with the theory of the receding galaxies was that, as more and more distant galaxies came into telescopic range, the difference in the red light emitted by them was such that each more distant layer of galaxies appeared to be receding faster than the last.

It is irrelevant here to go into the various mathematical theories involved. Even Einstein resorted to altering the algebra to make it agree with what was apparently happening. But still every new batch of galaxies captured by the ever more powerful long-range telescopes was found to be receding faster than the last. It had apparently not occurred to anybody concerned that although they were being observed from Earth, the conditions in and the nature of outer space were unknown to science. Few seemed to doubt that the Universe was expanding, but the truth was that the reasons put forward for the "red shift" were, like all theories, subject to revision in the light of new knowledge.

Meanwhile, in the 1930s, cosmic rays were coming into notice and astronomers were beginning to ask such questions as, where was all the radiation going which was apparently continuously being poured into space? Was it too disappearing outwards?

Astronomers concentrated on accounting for the now generally accepted explosive or expansive nature of the Universe. The Solar System and the galaxies were compared with the atom: the similarity was obvious. Mathematically the cosmical constant was found to be a feature of all these systems. Everywhere from the atom to the Solar System it was found to be positive. But in an expanding Universe, this constant would have to be negative. This was the only way to account for its apparent action not as a binding force but as its opposite, a scattering force. The algebra was altered to fit in with what was seen to be happening.

Another theory which arose was called the "ghost theory" or the "soap-bubble Universe". Light going out from our galaxy was said to travel not in straight lines but in vast curves, returning to the Milky Way millions of years later, giving the observer a picture of the Milky Way at some earlier stage. As this would be going on all of time ad infinitum, it would account for the millions of galaxies being observed.

It did not, however, account for the increasing speeds of recession.

Yet another explanation was that originally all the galaxies were concentrated into one small but very dense mass. Given the estimated differing speeds at which the galaxies were now travelling, the theory was that when the dense mass exploded, some galaxies travelled faster than others and these were the ones which were now farthest away. However, nothing could be found to account for such an initial variation in speeds.

The unanswered question central to all theories was that of the cause of the expansion or explosion. It was known that the force of attraction between the materials of the Universe would be stronger than an explosive effect, and thus it was seen that something else would be needed to counteract and exceed this in order to start an expansion with such violence and cause it to continue outward at ever-increasing speeds. No force could be found in ordinary dynamics which could do that. As far as I know it was not suggested that the force might come from somewhere beyond the farthest galaxies.

It was also pointed out that a galaxy receding at such a pace as to exceed the speed of light would not be delectable.1 (click to read note, hit back button to return here)

Nevertheless they now began to penetrate even deeper into space by means of the new radio telescopes. Powerful sources of radiation were discovered far beyond the range of the most powerful optical telescopes. Various theories as to the origin of this radiation were put forward, including that each source represented a collision between galaxies at high speeds. These mysterious sources were given the name "quasars" (quasi-stellar radio sources).

At the same time opposing theories arose to explain the still puzzling explosive character of the Universe. One was the "Big Bang" theory. According to this all the galaxies originated in one big "super-star" which exploded, hurling the galaxies outward quasi-stellar radio sources so that one day they will all disappear from the center to leave empty space.

The "Steady State" theory of continuous creation opposed the idea of an explosion. It was however admitted that the outer galaxies would one day disappear, and to compensate for this, creation of hydrogen atoms must go on all of the time. Thus, the average density of the Universe would be kept constant.

This concept of a "steady state" appears to leave room for the existence of Eternity but does not explain infinity - the enormous number of galaxies seen or detected.

According to both theories the outer galaxies are believed to be receding at ever-increasing speeds the farther the telescope penetrates into space. Nobody seems to have been able to suggest where the galaxies go or what happens to them when they disappear. According to the "Steady State" theory, they could conceivably disintegrate into interstellar gas and re-emerge as the hydrogen atoms apparently needed to keep the Universe in existence.

It has been suggested that apart from the Creation as described in the Bible, these are the only two possible theories.

A comparatively recent suggestion is that the Universe is expanding and contracting alternately: once every so many million years the whole mass is sucked back into a star of immense density, which later explodes and re-forms the whole Universe.

This it seems would be an extraordinarily wasteful process and quite out of character with nature and the Universe as they are known, where nothing is wasted. No less wasteful, of course, is the whole concept of the "disappearing galaxies". In fact, no astronomer has ever caught a galaxy in the act of disappearing.

One of the few people who questioned the theory of expansion was Sir James Jeans, and he did it at the outset. As long ago as the 1930s he was voicing his opinions, but only because at that time the age of the Universe had been calculated to be comparatively young. He could not see that it could be only a few thousands of millions of years old as the receding galaxies visible at that time seemed to indicate, and added that for this reason he felt that the "apparent recessions" would "prove to be spurious".

After Jeans wrote those words, a theory concerning matter and antimatter arose. Small quantities of antimatter had been found in existence on Earth for short periods: it was very unstable because of its attraction for matter, with which it combined to destroy both itself and the matter concerned, with a release of energy. It was this discovery which gave rise to the idea of an antimatter system somewhere out in space and the stories of the possible disappearance of spacemen who might venture too far and meet their antimatter opposite.

Antimatter, it was thought, would have opposite electrical properties to those of matter, but similar gravitational properties. (This is highly improbable, however. Electrons would have to be implosive and this would mean they would be in the nucleus.) Because of their strong mutual attraction, it was thought that matter and antimatter would have to be in separate star systems or perhaps even in separate galaxies. In such a system or galaxy everything would have to be exactly similar to the Solar System or to the Milky Way.

Meanwhile, further research into outer space has indicated that there appears, after all, to be a limit to the Universe. This is seen as an apparently impenetrable wall, which could indicate where space ends.

Furthermore, the omnipresence of radiation began to take on a new significance. A network of radiation permeating the whole Universe has been detected by Russian scientists and its increased intensity in living things has been investigated. 6 (click) At the same time, what was once thought to be empty space has been found to contain electrons travelling in spirals.

This being so, it is possible that it may provide us with a fifth dimension which may be the cause of many unexplained phenomena but which up to the present time has never been taken into account.

An Antimatter Galaxy and the Fifth Dimension

The presence of small quantities of antimatter on Earth and the properties they exhibited seemed to indicate that there must be, somewhere else, a great concentration of antimatter. Since matter and antimatter are attracted to one another and when they meet, mutual destruction takes place, leaving only energy, and since energy is in all things, it would appear that at some time in the past matter and antimatter separated from each other. Somewhere in the Universe must be the antimatter Earth with its antimatter moon, its antimatter continents and oceans, its antimatter plants, animals, and people. Where in the Universe could we expect to find this antimatter Earth? Perhaps the best way to look for it would be to take advantage of the light coming from the distant galaxies, some of which would be seen at the point of the division of one star from another. What we find, of course, is apparent doubling or twinning of whole galaxies - what at one time were thought to be galaxies colliding far back in time. Was this, then, how our galaxy came into being from primeval energy?

Looking at the question from another viewpoint, if we suppose that in the creation of matter from primeval energy, antimatter had to be formed as a by-product, a second galaxy made entirely of antimatter would have to be formed and held apart from the Milky Way by a force strong enough to overcome the force of attraction between the two. The existence of this second antimatter galaxy would be in accordance with the law of nature and the Universe whereby nothing is wasted. The antimatter thus thrown off must still be in existence somewhere as a galaxy exactly like our own. The question is, where should we look for it?

Of all the millions of galaxies now visible with the aid of a modern telescope, those which are nearer are easiest to examine, and that which is visible with the naked eye in the constellation of Andromeda, being the nearest of these, is easiest of all. If it is the twin to the Milky Way, we would expect it to appear in every respect to resemble it. In only one respect can it differ from the Milky Way, and that is in the ability of its living creatures to think. This ability stems from the concentration of primeval energy as part of the network investing the Universe and not only is this capable of varying, it is more likely to be present in the product than in the by-product. Moreover, its presence in the Milky Way exclusively can be confirmed by examination of our own kind, most of whom have never heard of an antimatter Earth, and certainly are not conscious of being in two places at the same time.

As it happens, the question of the concentration of thought energy in the Milky Way rather than in the Andromeda galaxy does not affect our investigation, since distances are too great and the time-span too long for these to be of any use. Fortunately there are enough similarities between the two galaxies to convince an observer in the Milky Way that the Andromeda Galaxy is what he is looking for. That it is so far away - two million light-years - is accounted for by the great space which must be maintained between matter and antimatter to render disintegration through mutual attraction impossible. The observer, then, must look for similarities which are easily visible from a great distance and which in the Milky Way are not subject to change - basic shape, star-count estimate, formation of the trailing arms, diameter, development of stars - always allowing for the time required for light to travel between the two galaxies. The answers appear all to be in the affirmative: the main differences are in development and are accounted for by our having to observe the galaxy as it was in the past.

Above all the galaxy would, if it was twin to the Milky Way, be attended by two counterparts to the Magellanic Clouds which are outside and yet a part of the Milky Way. Such clouds of stars have been found to be present just outside the Andromeda galaxy.

Ignoring for the time being all the other millions of galaxies apparently streaming away from the Milky Way in all directions, we can now state that our Universe has two parts, one made of matter and the other, exactly like it in every visible respect, made of antimatter. This means that over there in the faint cloud seen in the constellation of Andromeda, two million light-years away, is a solar system exactly like our own and that before the division the two were one; that they are still connected in space and time by strands of radiation so that all that happens here happens simultaneously over there, thus preserving the perfect balance needed to prevent mutual destruction. Around that antimatter Sun circulate exactly the same number of planets, each identical with our Sun's planets, some attended by a moon or moons as in the Solar System in the Milky Way. On each planet and each moon is duplicated everything down to the tiniest particle of matter, the Earth and all that is in, on or around it, every living plant and animal down to the tiniest unicellular organism in a drop of water. Nothing is left out. As a creature moves on earth, so, over there, does its antimatter equivalent two million light-years away. In the antimatter version of any average home is an antimatter kitchen with an antimatter family perhaps, automatically and without conscious thought, eating its antimatter dinner while an antimatter cat sits purring on its antimatter chair or an antimatter dog gnaws its antimatter bone. There are also, of course, antimatter babies being born, antimatter murders and antimatter wars as well as antimatter airlines, space-craft and atomic explosions. Since, in order to maintain a perfect state of balance, all must be interconnected by strands of radiation, it may be that disturbances on Earth do more harm in the Universe at large than we had imagined possible. What happens in one galaxy controls or is dependent upon what happens in the other.

Apart from being connected to each other across the intervening space, they must also be connected far back in time to the mass of primeval energy that gave them birth, whose energy remains in both galaxies today and is easily detectable on and around the Earth.

Thus two galaxies can be proved to exist, both having arisen from the same mother-galaxy which contained both matter and antimatter, probably in a very unstable state, constantly separating and re-combining so that at that far-off primeval stage, no life could have existed. Outside these two galaxies and between them is space which has been found to contain a plasma composed of electrons travelling in spirals. What, then, is the significance of all the other galaxies seen to be rushing away from us at ever-increasing speeds?

Nothing has been found to account for this increase in speed which, given an exploding primeval mass, is not what one would expect to find. If anything, a slowing-down would be expected. Is it possible that what astronomers are seeing or detecting is an illusion? If so, what might have caused it? Could it have been caused by the earlier behaviour of the primeval energy from which the Universe was formed? One cannot help but get the impression that what is there is no more than a vast "hall of mirrors" and in fact an experiment to produce this effect may easily be set up in the laboratory using nothing but a single object and a number of mirrors.

Through the telescope we look into a vast celestial hall of mirrors, each galaxy infinitely reflected or at any rate duplicated as far as the telescope can penetrate, seen to lie all around us rather than "behind" because of the circular movements of Earth, the Solar System, and our galaxy. One may compare it to the recurring number in mathematics - the mathematical concept of infinity. In fact, however, the "mirror" analogy does not altogether apply, for the farther out into space the telescope penetrates, the more primitive the galaxies appear to be, until double or dividing galaxies are seen and finally only "sources of energy" or quasars are found - and now, apparently, a baffling, impenetrable wall. If what is seen does not exactly fit in with the theory which it is supposed governs it, then there is usually something wrong with the theory and it is more productive to look for another. In considering the more distant galaxies, no theory so far advanced is applicable in every respect to what is seen. The cosmical constant had to be made negative - a scattering force - to account for the red shift. The increasing speed after the initial explosion proved to be inexplicable; and then there was the problem of what happened to the disappearing galaxies and why none had been seen actually doing so.

Perhaps it might be more productive to try to trace the development of a galaxy from the initial "source of energy" through division and the emergence of a pair of galaxies like our own.

What is found is that the vibrations present in the initial source or mass of energy are much faster than the speed of light. It is possible, then, that what is being seen through the telescope far out in space and back in time is what was once there but is now here. This could have come about, not through the ever-increasing velocity of receding galaxies, but by the exact opposite: a slowing down from the enormous vibratory speeds of primeval energy - that same energy which holds our pair of galaxies apart and yet maintains connection between them and which invests the entire universe with strands of radiation; which also concentrates itself into living creatures and which, travelling in spirals, accounts for the existence of "plasma" in what was once thought to be empty space.

Thus from its earliest beginnings the Universe has existed, not only in the three spatial dimensions of length, breadth height and the fourth dimension of time, but in a fifth dimension which came before all the others: radiation.

Looking at things from the viewpoint of an observer on Earth it will be seen that once a speed exceeding that of light is reached by a moving object, if that were possible, then that object would soon be in more than one place at the same time - in other words, time and space would disappear. Reverse this process and we have a possible explanation as to how space, time and our two galaxies arose from the matrix of primeval energy which exists where there is no space or time, in Eternity.

It is not likely that our galaxy would collide with its counterpart, but if this did happen the result would be mutual destruction and the release of primeval energy to form a single unstable galaxy. The balance would still be maintained, though altered, and all life would be destroyed.

If we imagine such a thing to be possible, a man, if he travelled far enough out into space, must ultimately meet his anti-matter equivalent, for as one advances into space, so must the other. Both would flash out in mutual destruction, leaving behind a single mass of energy. It is interesting that in order to reverse the process and recreate the two - the man and his antimatter counterpart - something extra would be needed, otherwise only the non-living matter and antimatter would result. What seems here to be needed is the radiation which has been found to concentrate itself in living things and which was present in the man when he met his antimatter counterpart; indeed there seems to be no way of recreating a man thus destroyed in an instant, except by re-creating his entire past from a single cell or cells upwards to the complex organism he was when he went out into space. The reason for this is that when a man travels so far, he travels also far back in time, and it is to be supposed that long before he reached his counterpart both would have recapitulated their entire past. All this would, in theory, have to be lived through again in order to achieve re-creation. Fortunately such a meeting is highly unlikely ever to happen.

In order to better understand the Universe, we have to look at it from the viewpoint of Eternity. From this viewpoint, the Universe as we know it actually still is all the earlier versions which can be seen infinitely repeated in space and time. In other words, infinity is only an illusion created by space and time: what is really there is Eternity. The "impenetrable wall" recently discovered is probably the "eternity-barrier" which must form the limits of space and time.

Here, then, is no "soap-bubble" Universe such as results from the theory of curved light-waves; here is no destructive explosion requiring a force unknown in dynamics and foreshadowing a violent end to all life. The cosmical constant is seen in its true sense everywhere as a binding force and we have a concept of the Universe opening up like a flower in the eternal matrix and of life both infinite and eternal. The extra dimension in which we find ourselves living is essentially one of thought -one which gives life new meaning and opens up endless possibilities.

Perhaps most important of all, the fifth dimension puts man back at the centre of things where, as a thinking being, he should be, and relieves him of that sense of his own insignificance and of the futility of life, to which he seemed to be condemned by other recent theories.

From the Viewpoint of Eternity

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of the study of the development of our galaxies within the matrix of Eternity is that of understanding what it is like to be in Eternity instead of in space and time as we find ourselves to be. We persist in regarding our existence on Earth and the conditions here as normal and applicable not only to the entire galaxy but to whatever lies outside it, even though evidence is constantly coming in which points the other way. We still try to assess what is outside our immediate vicinity in terms which in most cases only apply with any certainty to Earth. Moreover, it is taken for granted that space is in every way constant in all parts of the Universe and that time does not vary, when again evidence may point the other way.

How many people when asked the question, "How much space does space take up?" would answer "None"? Yet this is the true and correct answer, for space takes up the spiralling vibrations of Eternity - not more space.

If we start from a viewpoint within space and time, it is almost impossible to understand how our galaxies came into being. Instead, we find ourselves stuck with such illusions as the "expanding universe" and the "hall of mirrors" effect, for which the only explanation seems to be that the Universe is exploding and the most distant galaxies disappearing.

Unless we can overcome these difficulties, we risk getting bogged down in a proliferation of useless and improbable theories, much as the ancients did when they believed the Earth was flat and that travellers who ventured too far would fall off the edge into an abyss.

An observer situated in Eternity is outside space and time and exists in only one of the five dimensions known to man, and that the least understood: radiation. Length, breadth, height and time do not exist as we know them, or, if they do, they occur now here, now there within the matrix of Eternity. What conditions are necessary for such an observer to be able to look at space and time and whatever is contained therein?

First, it may help if we establish how it is possible to break through the barrier of space-time and Eternity and look back into space. To do this, the observer must lose four of the dimensions in which he has been living and retain only one - radiation*. This radiation is a part of that which forms the plasma in space and the network which invests the entire Universe and which has been found to concentrate itself in living things. Its electrical activity has been studied and measured by scientists working on the brain and nervous system and has been found to cease when the animal dies. *More on this later in "A Sixth Dimension" chapter - pattern is however, irrelevant here.

In Eternity not only is it impossible for a plant or an animal to exist as such, it is also unnecessary. Everything there is based on energy - the same kind of energy that scientists have found to be active when we think - and its vibrations, which must produce a set of dimensions peculiar to the environment. These conditions are virtually unknown to us and we can only guess at them in the light of the small amount of information available.

Scientists and others on Earth are working on theories which assume that every individual, every thing and every event has its own radiation - differences depending on the rate of vibration. There are probably other differences as yet undetected.

Two friends living in Eternity and wishing to meet will not be able to communicate or to seem to get near to each other unless each alters his vibrations until they come close enough.

In the same way, in order to peer into space the observer must slow down his vibrations until space opens up for him. When this happens, he will see in the bright, shimmering matrix of Eternity, which may perhaps be likened to the aurora borealis, 2 (click) small, dark, elliptical opening of apparently infinite depth. That it will be elliptical is to be expected because of the elliptical orbits observed, for instance, in the solar system. Its motion and that of everything within it will be spiral and elliptical. Because time is within the space in Eternity, we may call such openings time-slots.

The observer may, if he wishes, create his own time and space, that is to say his own small individual time-slot. This he does by inducing conditions of lack of relative motion. Thus, where the spiralling vibrations are slowed down, time is created and a time-slot containing space is formed as a by-product of time. In other words, time induces space.

Either way, the ability to peer into a time-slot is confined to the point where the vibrations in Eternity have decreased until they approach those of a time-system, that is to say at the point of entry or exit. In order to enter, further slowing-down will be needed. Only below the speed of light does space travel begin.

It will be seen that our two friends trying to arrange a meeting in Eternity will, once they have met, have to slow down sufficiently to form their own private time-slot, otherwise they will have no time for conversation.

Since space may be formed as a by-product of time, it follows that time may be induced by the creation of space. The result, however, would be less satisfactory. The concept of time within space gives us one time spiral within the particular time-slot. Space with time as a by-product is quite a different matter: various time-spirals will tend to occur in peripheral areas as they come in at random from the matrix of Eternity and so all the activity will be at the sides while the centre remains empty. The tendency for this "wild time" to exist in peripheral areas is present in any time-slot because radiation will always come in from Eternity, but where a main time-system exists in which, for instance, a galaxy develops, its effect will be comparatively negligible. It may be partly responsible for some of the many optical illusions observed by astronomers. But this is of course a very large time-slot, permeated with the plasma which has come in from Eternity and containing many subsidiary time-slots arranged in a very complex fashion. The Sun has one of its own and so must every planet; and this is repeated for every star in the Milky Way.

The pre-requisite for matter and antimatter galaxies to come into being is, then, the time-slot. Once such a concept exists, primeval energy may be introduced into it and the slowing-down continued until it is possible to separate matter from antimatter.

Mutations and the Atom

It has been observed that everything has its opposite or negative equivalent. Since we have positive and negative electricity, we tend to look for positive and negative radiation. We observe that while radiation coming from sunlight and from outer space is mainly helpful to life, that which comes from nuclear explosions tends to have the opposite effect and is harmful.

Unfortunately a confusion arises here because electric current, which involves the passage of electrons, has been given for convenience a negative value and electrons are said to be negatively charged, while the nuclear force, which is implosive, is termed positive, which gives a positive value to the cosmical constant.

After this terminology had become established, thought-impulses were found to be of an electrical nature, as is indeed all the inter-connecting radiation in the Universe. This means that a negative electrical charge is concerned.

To keep in line, then, with the terminology already in use, we have to refer to the electrical nature of the radiation coming in from the matrix of Eternity as "negative", while nuclear radiation is electrically "positive". But it is the negatively-charged radiation which is expansive and has positive, health-giving effects, while the positively-charged nuclear radiation is implosive and, although useful as a binding-force if kept under control, has negative, harmful effects on living things.

This brings us to the question of mutations. These are changes in the genetic make-up of living things. 3 (click) Detailed studies have been made by scientists to establish exactly what happens to the chromosomes and their genes within the nuclei of plant and animal cells when affected by radiation and other experimental manipulation. Much of the latter is artificial, not found in nature, and so does not concern us here. But genetic changes, whatever their cause, are permanent and inheritable.

The genetic changes found in nature were formerly thought to be spontaneous - that is, they were then regarded as being of uncertain origin. When the first experiments with nuclear radiation were carried out, it was found to cause not only ill health and even death, but various mutations in plants and animals. All these were found to be unfavorable to life. However, a study of evolution had shown that in the history of life on Earth, most mutations were beneficial, furthering evolution from the simplest unicellular plants and animals to the complex organisms with which we are familiar today. Clearly the radiation which was normally available for absorption by living things was very different from that which was normally locked away within each atom and, with few exceptions, liberated only in the artificial conditions of atomic fission.

Many experiments have been done and continue to be done with plants and animals, involving the necessary "controls" to whom no radiation is given, and all lead to the same conclusion: two kinds of radiation exist, one being beneficial to life, the other harmful.

Experiments have been done involving praying over plants and even by cursing them. The plants who had received the beneficial radiation or thought energy which we call prayer were observed to thrive, while those receiving curses grew small and unhealthy.

This explains why some gardeners are said to have a "green thumb" - they are people who love their gardens and the plants they grow. In the same way it has been found that animals thrive better if they receive the love of their owners.
It would, then, appear that thought in the form of prayer or love has a similar effect to that of the radiation coming in from the matrix of Eternity. At this point, I should underline that the Sun's radiation, like all other radiation within the time-slot, has the same origin.

The presence of two kinds of radiation, beneficial and harmful to life, is integral to matter and to the atomic concept.

It has long been established that every atom is composed of one or more negatively-charged electrons revolving in an elliptical path around a nucleus with an equal and opposite electrical charge whose binding-force attracts the electrons and holds them. In the same way the moon is held by the gravitational field of the Earth and revolves around it, as the Earth, together with the other planets, are held and revolve around the Sun. The binding-force involved has been found to be mathematically constant throughout the Universe and is known as the cosmical constant. In the case of the atom it is the nuclear material which exerts this binding-force. It is reasonable to suppose that in the case of the gravitational field of the Earth, the Sun, and the galaxy itself, where the same cosmical constant exists, nuclear material is again involved.

The Earth is sometimes likened to a magnet because of its polarity. Just as a magnet may be used to induce magnetism in another piece of potentially magnetic metal, so has it been induced in nature by the Earth's magnetic field.

If the Earth were simply a magnet, however, only such substances as iron would be attracted and remain held to its surface, while everything else would long ago have been lost by flying off into space. This does not happen in the case of any of the heavenly bodies - in fact, they not only do not behave as magnets, they actually behave as atomic nuclei. The main difference between a star or a planet and an atomic nucleus is, apart from size, that in the atom the nuclear material is exposed. However, there is present in the nucleus other material which is often ignored because it lacks an electrical charge. The proton with its positive electrical charge balances the electron; the neutron, largest of these additional nuclear particles, seems to have no function unless one or more in excess of the number of protons is present, which gives isotopes or modified varieties of the original substance. It may also be that the neutrons act as a barrier between the protons and the electrons. If this is so, the analogy between the Earth and the atom becomes more complete. In the case of the Earth, the center, which exerts the same gravitational pull as does the atomic nucleus - or rather, the protons in that nucleus - would be composed of a mass of nuclear material covered by the Earth's crust and other electrically neutral layers composed of atoms. This mass of nuclear material would be expected to attract free electrons as well as the electrons of the atoms in the outer layers, so that atomic instability would be found in those layers nearer to the center while at the same time free electrons would be attracted from outside.

The concentration of electrons over the north pole of the Earth would indicate that there is more nuclear material - a greater concentration of positively-charged protons - in that part of the globe. A pear-shaped Earth with a pear-shaped core would have this effect.

Recently the astronauts, by photographing the Earth from the moon, have shown us that the Earth is indeed inclined to be pear-shaped as is indicated by the behaviour of the free electrons over the North Pole. Moreover, it has been proven that the Sun is based on nuclear fusion.

The Earth, then, may be likened to a huge multiple atom, the core being a multiple proton whose pull gives the Earth its gravitational field. Neutrons and other smaller neutral particles must also be present, perhaps particularly in the outer parts of the nucleus, while outside the nucleus substances in atomic form are found, in the inner layers less stable. Permeating the Earth's crust and extending into the atmosphere beyond it are clouds of free electrons, whose electrical charges balance those of the protons at the centre.

It has been found that the atoms of all substances are capable of reduction to energy: when atoms are split, energy is liberated, together with nuclear material and various by-products such as new atoms which differ from the original, some comparatively simple, others more complex.

The atom-splitting formula is generally understood to be E=Mc▓,  the letter M representing mass (to all intents and purposes the same as weight) and the letter c the speed of light, while E represents the energy produced. What actually happens when an atom is split is better expressed by this equation in reverse, Mc▓=E. It will be seen that a very high speed is involved, the speed of light multiplied by itself. The energy produced is primeval energy, the stuff of creation and, this being unstable, it at once begins to re-create matter. At this stage, the formula E=Mc▓ is applicable, but only partly. There is evidence that differing speeds are involved, some of them ranging above c▓, so that a more accurate way to write the formula would be E=Mcⁿ. This modified formula covers all kinds of creation including the creation of life. In other words, E=Mcⁿ is the formula for the creation of the Universe from primeval energy, which vibrates at a higher speed than that of what it creates.

The life created in an atomic explosion is of course of the simplest kind, such as evidence shows was the case when the Universe was first created. What probably happens after the atoms are split is that some of the energy produced is lost to recreation of matter - i.e. that where the correct speed of vibration is present, while yet more, which happens to reach the speed needed for the creation of life, is taken up in creating complicated proteins which act as simple viruses. The difference between a protein and a virus would appear to be that the virus is capable of absorbing primeval energy. 4 (click)

The concept of stars and planets as huge multiple atoms may explain the existence in the galaxy of the so-called black holes. 5 (click)  A black hole may contain, not a collapsed star, but a strongly implosive multiple nucleus, and in Cygnus X-1 a stage has been reached where there are enough electrons to balance the nuclear material present. After a while, when sufficient absorption has taken place, the pair will be seen as a binary star - the last stage before total absorption by the former black hole and the formation of a single new star.

Time Travel, Wild Time, Ghosts and UFOs

Time travel is not possible in Eternity: No time. But, within a time-slot, it may take place. In order to travel forward in time, faster vibrations are needed than those normal to the time-slot, and these must follow the vibrations common to all time systems as they go forward in time, turning from west to east or in a clockwise direction, but to come back, reverse vibrations are needed. By going into reverse first, i.e. in a counter-clockwise direction, the time traveller leaves his own time to form a new time system which travels faster but does not take him so far into the future as would be expected at that speed. To come back to normal, he must turn forward again, in a clockwise direction. He feels he has been away a long time but finds that the hands of the clock have moved comparatively little. This we may call expanded time; the effect is that normal time is warped.

In all time travel very high speeds are involved, many times the speed of light. At a higher speed than that needed for expanded time, travel farther into the future is possible and the observer would then come back with definite impressions of some future event, which he could accurately foretell. This may explain the phenomenon of clairvoyance, though exactly how this happens is not yet clear.

To travel into the past, counter-clockwise direction is needed, and in this case the time traveller is taken back and seems to re-live some event in history. Once again time has been gained.

Dreams of past or of future events may be explained by a form of time-travel. It is possible that during sleep part of the radiation concentrated in all living things may escape, remaining attached to the body by a strand of radiation. If the vibrations are then increased, it may, by altering direction, travel into the past; in the same way it may also travel into the future. Either way, on returning to the body, it will give dream-like memories of another time.

It is also possible to produce conditions of Eternity within a time system. This is done by substituting fast oscillations, first in one direction, then in the other, for the more usual onward spiral - that is to say the time-traveller behaves as he would if he were outside the time-slot in Eternity. The vibrations of Eternity, though based on the spiral, have to be oscillatory or time would occur.

It is thought by astronomers that Venus turns backwards. Others state that they have observed that Venus turns first in one direction, then in the other, while it has even been said that it does not turn at all. Both Venus and Uranus are shrouded in mist and it is possible that Uranus too exhibits such peculiarities. The nature of the mist does not appear to have been discovered, partly because of the high temperatures on Venus which are thought to have been responsible for the destruction of the spacecraft which have landed there. These high temperatures may indicate that the cloud is composed of electrons vibrating at high speeds such as are found in the matrix of Eternity. If this is so, it may also account for the varying observations made by astronomers. In that case, Venus, and possibly Uranus too, would be directly connected by strong strands of radiation to the matrix of Eternity outside the time-slot and would tend to act as if it was outside. This would modify the spiralling motion which of necessity occurs in a time system and one would expect that the planet either turns first one way, then the other, or else not at all. In fact, it might be expected to oscillate at very high speeds, which would give some very interesting phenomena in the Venutian sky, such as, for instance, shimmering, and possibly crinkled rainbows. Unfortunately, the spacecraft which landed there did not stay in existence long enough to record any of these effects.

If the clouds around Venus really are made up of electrons and connected directly to the matrix of Eternity, the differing impressions recorded by astronomers would be caused by the presence of wild time in the outer layers.

As we have noted earlier, the time-slot containing our Universe is an exceptionally large and complex one, which required an enormous amount of primeval energy to create the main time spiral and to cause it to divide into two, one branch for the Milky Way and the other for the Andromeda galaxy. The presence of plasma or clouds of electrons of varying density within the time-slot predisposes the creation of wild time here and there throughout the Universe. This may be the reason for the "time-warp" scientists have discovered to exist in space. Space travel has been found to involve time travel, but the traveller within the time-slot would see many strange optical illusions. Some of these effects must be very beautiful. Anyone who has been entranced by the glories of the aurora borealis with its shimmering colors and shafts of light will have some idea of what it might be like out there in space. Astronauts have already commented on the beauty of the Earth when seen from a distance and have brought back photographs to prove it.

A time traveller would experience additional wonders. By reversing his vibrations and travelling backwards in time, he could bring himself at will to any past era of history. This would certainly give historians a far greater insight - especially if they were social historians; and many well-kept secrets would be exposed and insoluble mysteries unravelled. We might then discover whether the Russian royal family actually did all die at the hands of Lenin's supporters in 1917, who Jack the Ripper really was, who constructed the so-called money-pit on Oak Island and who really discovered North and South America.

Meanwhile, it is possible that the people living at the time in history to which he had travelled might have seen a ghost from the future in the same way as people sometimes see ghosts from the past.

Not all of us see ghosts: to do so requires strong radiation from both sides. It is also better if it is spiralling towards us - not away into the future. For us to see a ghost from the future, much stronger radiation is needed to overcome the Doppler effect.

Nearly everybody who sees a ghost is frightened by the experience: this is partly because we know the person concerned is actually dead and partly because ghosts, over the centuries, have acquired a bad name. Because not everybody sees them, they are sometimes also regarded as figment of the imagination. Some people even pity those who are "plagued" in this way. The pity is misplaced: the ability to see ghosts is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. It simply means that the radiation is strong.

The explanation for the appearance of ghosts is a comparatively simple one. It all stems from the spiralling motion within the matrix of Eternity as it enters the time-slot. In Eternity, because there is no time, all events are present, as are all things and all living things, each with its own individual radiation. Thus, in Eternity, a spiral passes through the same event over and over and this principle affects the spiral within the time-slot. As the Earth goes around the Sun in its elliptical course, it is not only passing through the time-slot but is also present in the matrix of Eternity where it came into being. Therefore it passes annually through old radiations from previous years. Thus it is to be expected that when the scene of an old event comes back to the date on which it occurred, impressions of that event will be present and perhaps observable.

Most such impressions pass unnoticed for two reasons: the radiations of the event may not be strong enough and the observer may also be weak in radiation. But given an event with very strong radiations from the past and a sensitive observer, the ghostly scene will appear and be silently re-enacted. 6 (click)

Unfortunately one of the strongest forms of radiation is that of death, especially sudden death which of course, involves the sudden withdrawal into Eternity of the concentration of radiation which has for years occupied the body of the person concerned. The eerie silence, the transparency, the mechanical way in which the event unfolds before our eyes to its expected and inevitable conclusion, and then the sudden disappearance into thin air or through a wall - all combine to make ghostly phenomena seem so frightening.

There is however another form of haunting which is less easy to explain. It sometimes happens that the radiation which was formerly concentrated in the body either remains at the scene or is attracted back on the anniversary, when it makes the ghost seem to be much more alive and may add noises and other sensations. The radiation of life is alive and, being thought energy, can think. It actually is the thinking part of the person who died and, like people under any other circumstances, may be either harmless or malevolent. Much has been written on this subject elsewhere, so I will only add that such a situation may be serious and should never be taken lightly.

Nothing is ever totally destroyed, and although this sometimes brings about a haunting, it is often comforting to know that when beauty is replaced by ugliness, as so often seems to happen in this twentieth century, what once was easily visible is still there in radiation form and may be seen again, even if only by a time traveller. 7 (click)

We have seen that it is possible for a traveller from Eternity to form his own time-slot and time system, and that such time systems or capsules may exist in space in the vast time-slot containing our Universe. In theory such a time capsule, since it contains no planets and hence exerts and is affected by no gravitational pull, may come quite close to the Earth. We would therefore expect them to have been viewed at fairly close range by observers on this planet or in a space-craft. Such an observer would see a glowing object much like a star, its vibrations causing it to twinkle. But, it might be much bigger than an ordinary star; nor could it be mistaken for a planet, since these do not twinkle. Either it would tend to hover, not following the usual apparent movement of stars or planets, or it would act erratically, perhaps suddenly racing across the sky to take up a new position or to disappear below the horizon. In the day time such a time capsule would not always emit enough light for it to be visible, but if it was seen it would appear to be of the same shape as that of the larger time systems, such as the galaxies: lens-shaped or saucer-shaped, perhaps even bar-shaped, depending on the angle from which it was viewed.

Since the nature of such phenomena has not been understood in the past, they have been called unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

We have seen what might be observed by a space traveller who was able to look into a time-slot at the point of entry, but what would a time system look like within the matrix of Eternity and viewed, if that were possible, from Earth? Here we have to remember that the plasma in space is connected to the eternal matrix outside the main time system and the UFOs which we see from Earth may be subject to eternal conditions within this plasma. The observer on Earth would see the

 UFO as in motion and becoming brighter. If two UFOs were within Eternity and visible from Earth, the observer on Earth would see them as closer together as their vibratory speeds grew more nearly the same and further apart if one began to vibrate faster or more slowly than the other. If they met, the two UFOs would appear to become one, having formed into a single time-system. Optical illusions always occur when Eternity is viewed from a time system.

Conversely, viewed from Eternity, space and all that is in it appears to be no different from any other part of the matrix because in Eternity is everything that ever was, is, or will be. Only at the point of entry is it possible to see a time-slot in the matrix. The rule seems to be that everything viewed from Eternity is eternal, while everything viewed from within space appears to be spatial.

Maleness and Femaleness In Thought
and How Events are Shaped

Integral to Eternity and to our Universe are maleness and femaleness, and it will be observed that these two are basic to the concept of time and space. In Eternity, maleness in thought leads to the creation of time. But in order to exist, time must have space, the female element. All maleness and femaleness in the time-slot comes from the eternal matrix; they are based on the time spiral and the space in which it moves. Life developed from these two concepts.

If we consider the development of the embryo we see that in order to induce the space within the female in which the embryo can develop, the male has to be the initiator. This may be observed in the courtship activities of animals. When he has induced the necessary space he introduces energy into it and thus the new life has from the start that concentration of primeval energy which distinguishes living from non-living things. The energy brought in by the male has to come from the matrix of Eternity and so it first comes into the time-slot or womb of creation and then into its own private space to develop as an embryo.

It is interesting that the cells from which living organisms develop have an apparent basic "atomic" structure, that of a sphere with a nucleus - though here the analogy appears to end.

We see then that in Eternity and so in the time-slot the male element initiates and the female element absorbs and reacts. Because primeval energy is thought, the new embryo develops in its thought processes the tendencies of that energy. It has been proved by experiments on fruit flies that maleness and femaleness in approach depends on the brain, where even in that tiny creature the concentration of radiation from the eternal matrix is found. Thus, a male head on a female body causes the insect to behave as a male, while a female head on a male body induces female behaviour.

So, we have male thought patterns which tend to initiate and female thought patterns which tend to absorb and react. This gives the male a direct and thrusting habit of thought, and a tendency to concentrate, to specialize and to learn more and more about less and less, while the female tends to be a good learner, absorbing knowledge well: her thought patterns are diffuse and she ranges far and wide, tending to learn something about everything. This tends to make an intelligent woman a good mother and guide to her children.

These are the patterns that tend to develop. In life, there is usually much femaleness in the male and much maleness in the female and so in both sexes we find many variations, ranging in both thought and tendencies from the complete male through to the complete female. The two also inter-react, each inducing the opposite or complementary type of thinking in the other. A balanced relationship results.

Thought shapes events and here direct or male thought tends to forge ahead. Female thought has the disadvantage of having to sort itself out, but with effort its diffuse nature can be overcome. Thought, being radiation, flows first in one direction, then in another, searching for a solution, until the most perfect pattern, taking all factors into consideration, is formed. This becomes the future. Future events within a time-slot are controlled by the thought coming in from the matrix of Eternity, part of which is in all living things. Thus this eternal thought tends to work through the life it creates.

The way in which thought controls the future explains why at any given moment the future that seems to be coming may be altered. It alters as the flow changes. Those who are sensitive to flow tendencies can often predict the future, but because of these changes do not always predict it accurately.

When problems are being discussed, thought radiation turns now this way, now that, in the same manner as just described.

The optimum result of these thought tendencies is a condition of preparedness involving positive thought - and this includes positive reaction.

Being prepared for the future is basic to the Universe and so the use of thought to shape events is basic to life. Thought runs into the future and comes up against obstacles. Ultimately in positive thought the best way wins. Then, the radiation forms as it were into an arrow-head and pushes forward, the main stream becoming fact, the subsidiary streams cut off.

Unpreparedness in thought does not involve acting in this way. It leaves everything to "luck" - that is to say it allows other thought to come in from outside. The horse-shoe has become the symbol of such thought because it represents the way it behaves and the shape of the radiation in cross-section. In fact, a cup-shape is involved - that is to say, this type of thought gives a cup-shaped head of radiation containing a space to accommodate what comes in. Not all that is absorbed by the waiting cup is beneficial and the cup being female in form induces diffuse thought so much sorting-out is necessary if the original thought is not to be turned back by the in-flowing tide. When this happens, the forward flow has been reversed and thought becomes negative.

The greatest danger in this respect is to those with basically female thought tendencies: in them the cup shape is already present and unless forward-going, positive thought is given preference, a negative trend results.

Because of their differing thought patterns, there is a difference also in the vibrations between male thought and female thought. Male thought, being direct, tends to vibrate at one speed at a time; female thought, on the other hand, being diffuse, vibrates throughout at varying speeds. This makes it more difficult for two such thinkers to relate to one another than it is for two who have the direct, male type of thought pattern. Maleness and femaleness in thought, however, relate well, being complementary and compensatory each to the other.

The main problem with male thought is that it tends to forge blindly ahead, ignoring the side-effects and sometimes oblivious of having turned into a negative pattern. Male thought is aggressive. Therefore it tends to lead to such undesirable activities as fighting and destructiveness. Only if the compensatory female thought allows itself and is allowed to inter-react with male thought is a proper balance maintained.

The Family Tree, Re-incarnation and the Power of Love

When our time-slot was first created a tremendous amount of primeval energy must have been thrust into it to start the evolution of the primeval galaxy. It is reasonable to suppose that more had to be added to do the work of dividing the galaxy into two, and so on down the length of the time-slot. The subsidiary time-slot in which the Solar System evolved was later treated in the same way. This factor - the addition of primeval radiation from outside the time-slot - may account for the apparently sudden and massive geological revolutions as well as for the equally sudden appearance of new animals and plants.

It has been discovered that the protein molecule is the immediate ancestor of the virus, which may be described as a protein molecule capable of reproduction. Although the record of the rocks cannot be expected to yield information about so small a living thing, the fact that proteins capable of reproduction have been artificially produced, coupled with the protein-basis of all living things, indicates that this is how life was started. In order to do the work of creating life, once again primeval energy must have been thrust in from outside; and for every major mutation the process was repeated. This stem of radiation has been maintained, then, from the time when the first virus appeared, and all life has arisen from it. Since, when observed from the viewpoint of Eternity, everything is visible, life on Earth is seen in the time-slot in the form of a tree, the radiation being continuous from the beginning, branching out, some branches being cut off by extinction, others, irradiated by additional primeval energy from time to time, continuing to the present time. This has been referred to as the Tree of Life, or, more recently, the evolutionary tree.

The tree analogy is apt. We see only the plants and animals now living, but in Eternity the radiation is all connected and goes back to the source outside the time-slot. The individual plants and animals are, like blossoms and fruit, simply agents of the continuity of life. As such, they fall off and die; but the life that is in them goes on.

It has however, to be emphasized that only the material "fruit" on the tree dies: in radiation form - that is, in the fifth dimension - a nodule of radiation, plant-shaped or animal-shaped, remains.

The man-shaped "fruit" appears on the upper or more recent branches of the tree. In theory, a time-traveller would be able to view the whole tree and from it accurately read the evolutionary record. Since this method proved impossible, evolutionists discovered a very simple alternative means of discovering how each animal and plant evolved from a single cell (which itself had evolved from living protein) to the present-day plant or animal. In examining the embryos of fish, frogs, chicks, mice and other animals at various stages of development and comparing what they found with fossil evidence found in the rocks which had been investigated by geologists, they discovered that each animal, at the embryonic stage, recapitulates its past. The significance of this was that by examining embryonic development the evolutionary story of the particular animal could be read just as it could have been on the evolutionary tree; and from this diagrams representing the tree could be drawn.

It may be imagined that this evidence was conclusive, but it so happened that a fascinating possibility had already caught the imagination of scientists and other advanced thinkers in the nineteenth century. In 1859, Charles Darwin had published his Origin of the Species, in which he had correlated all the evidence so far found in the rocks and embarked on a massive re-classification of all life on Earth. Homo sapiens was found to be closely related to apes and slightly less closely to monkeys, and this led on the one hand to the condemnation of Darwin and all his works by the religious bodies, and on the other hand to the somewhat frantic search for the "missing link". This creature was thought to have been something halfway between ape and man, descended from a common ape or ape-like ancestor. It is interesting that Darwin, in his Origin of the Species, had very little to say about man: the book deals mainly with his theory of natural selection as the basis of evolution. By the mid-20th century, however, the descent of man from an ape was regarded as an established fact: the record in the embryonic development had been disregarded to fit in with the ape-man theory and in some publications, man was listed under the Heading of "The Five Kinds of Man-like Ape".

One of the events which influenced scientists in favor of the ape-man theory was the discovery in 1912 at Piltdown in England of the bones of a creature which seemed to have had the cranium of a man and the jaw of an ape. The man concerned in this discovery was an amateur archaeologist called Charles Dawson who died four years later still crowned with honors, including the naming of his discovery as Eoanthropus Dawsoni. In 1953, by which time carbon-dating was being used to confirm such discoveries, the bones were re-examined by Dr. David Peacock and found to be from two different individuals, an ape and a man. The so-called "missing link" was proved to be a hoax perpetrated by Dawson and the whole "ape-man" theory would have fallen to the ground had it not become so deeply entrenched in accepted thinking. By the time the hoax was exposed, other bones had been discovered in various parts of the world which might support the ape-man theory, and in the meantime theories about an even older simian ancestor had been accepted. A small, lemur-like animal was suggested as a further missing link this time between ape-man and monkeys, presumably because these creatures are found in two varieties, one with tails and the other without.

When we examine and compare the embryos of fish, frog and man at different stages of development, the story we read is quite different. All three go through the same stages of development up to the fish stage. Here the fish drops out to grow to adulthood and the other two go on to the frog stage, where the neck is still absent. The frog then goes on to adulthood, while the embryo man, still without a neck and with frog-like lower limbs, begins to acquire a man-like head. There is no ape stage.

The ape embryo follows the same development right up to the frog stage, after which the embryo begins to take on ape characteristics.

From the embryonic evidence it has to be concluded that man did not evolve from an ape or from any ape-like animal, but, much earlier than had been supposed, from a frog. The evidence is there in the development of the fetus. The frog - a giant frog in all probability - is the "missing link". Apes too are seen to have developed from a frog - but a different frog: the division between apes and man occurred at the amphibian stage. Monkeys, since they have tails, are seen to have evolved from an amphibian with a tail, a rather large salamander perhaps; so here the division was earlier still, at the point where primitive frogs lost their tails for the first time in adulthood. It seems likely that all mammals originated in the same way from differing amphibian ancestors, reptiles developing simultaneously from other amphibians.

Relating the embryonic record with geological evolution, man, thought at first to have appeared as late as the Pleistocene Period, about 5000 B.C. (prior to which he was supposed to have been an ape), may now be placed in the swamps of the Carboniferous Period about 300-350 million years ago. This was the time at which coal deposits were laid down, and I have myself seen a fossilized foot with toes like those of a man, embedded in a lump of coal. Other evidence is constantly coming forward which places man much farther back in geological time than was at first thought likely. In 1972 evidence was found in the rocks that man was walking upright over 200 million years ago.

The picture we get, then, of early man as he developed in the swamps from a giant frog, is of a wallowing creature who at first laid eggs as do all frogs, but later developed a means of holding them near to its body, and so an external uterus must have developed which later, by mutation and natural selection, began to develop within the body; and so early man, together with early ape and all but a few of the other descendants of the early amphibians, was able to emerge from the swamps and live out his life on land.

It is interesting that hair growth on the human body resembles that of semi-aquatic animals and that swimming remains popular to this day.

Note: When this website was being compiled for Joan and I was editing this book, I was very "open" to humans evolving from water like everything else and that our "missing link" was a giant frog, even though it seemed strange to think this. Then within two weeks of coming into this knowledge, a baby was born on December 4, 2005 in Nepal.

Frog-like Baby Was Born In Nepal

(Video) Frog-like Baby (unidentified baby - Nepal)

The great geological revolutions which separate the various eons, eras, periods, and epochs, have long mystified students of the subject: likewise, no explanation has been found for the great and apparently rather sudden disappearance of one set of animals and their replacement by others, usually more advanced and less unpleasant, often smaller and physically weaker. We have seen that the primeval energy in which the Universe first appeared has always remained connected with the evolutionary tree, and this is where, I think, we must look for cause of the geological revolutions and for the predisposing factor which brought the amphibians out of the swamps, and with them primitive man.

The analogy of the tree is used also by individual families in tracing their genealogy. This brings us to an interesting question: if we are descended equally from our father and our mother, surely the tree analogy does not hold: rather, a network is suggested, linking family to family. Now, it is true that this network does exist, connecting us all to our mothers and grandmothers as well as to our fathers and grandfathers. But it is a fact that children inherit their blood group from their father alone, and it is this blood connection which is the basis of the genealogical tree. The ancients knew about it, though it is more likely that their knowledge was based on the idea that the fetus developed from a seed produced only by the male. The early books of the Old Testament attempt to give a detailed genealogy from Adam to the later Israelite leaders and the strongly patriarchal society which later spread west across Europe was based on the same theory. Meanwhile, the ancient Greeks suggested that man might have evolved from more primitive animals, but this theory together with those concerning the Solar System, was swept aside by the up rise of Christianity, and all research on the descent of man was discouraged. Blood descent through the male was the only accepted theory, and as late as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, by which time microscopes were in use, the male reproductive cell was seen as a microscopical baby, often drawn as such and known as the homunculus.

The discovery that the fetus actually developed from the ovum produced by the female and fertilized by the addition of the sperm from the male might have altered our concept of the family tree entirely had it not been discovered by the same means - ever more powerful microscopes - that the father, rather than the mother, was responsible for the baby's blood. It is true that some of the minor factors come from the mother, but the male blood descent is well illustrated in the case of mothers with the comparatively rare factor in their serum which may cause the baby's blood cells to clump together, causing jaundice which may prove fatal. Such mothers are known as Rh (from rhesus monkeys used during the research) negative. Most people are Rh positive. The problem arises when the mother is Rh negative and the father Rh positive: the fetus at first receives blood from the mother through the placenta, but when it starts manufacturing its own in readiness for birth, it produces Rh positive blood - the same as that of its father. Because it is known that a child will inherit its father's blood, tests are nowadays done in advance so that the worst effects of the jaundice may be averted.

To a certain extent, blood groups may be used to establish paternity and to aid genealogical research. In some cases this has proved useful in deciding where or even if an individual's name should be added to a family tree, in other cases, where families have travelled from one country to another, suspected collateral descent may be confirmed.

For the purposes of this study, what is important is that the connection to the father is stronger than that to the mother. The radiation for the blood group comes down on the male line. However, there are other reasons why the child may receive more radiation from the father than from the mother. We have seen in dealing with the effects of radiation on plants and animals that they thrive better under the influence of prayer and love which are the same as the beneficial radiation that came in the first instance from the matrix of Eternity. We have also seen that it is the male who initiates while the female absorbs and reacts. It is only at the reactive stage that the female begins to contribute radiation, and this delay gives the male a head-start. The shorter the courtship, the less radiation will come from the female and the stronger the inheritance will be from the male. This may be why in some families the elder children appear to be more like the father and the younger ones more like the mother. The effect of the extra radiation from the male on the genes is not certain: it would seem that it predisposes a sperm with dominant genes to fertilize the ovum, thus ensuring that the child is more like the father than the mother.

The effects of the male dominance in inheritance may best be studied in royal and other dynastical families where father preceded son over a number of generations. Where the male line ends, the death of the dynasty is visible. The Hanoverians who succeeded the Stuarts were collaterals on a female line and quite unlike them in both character and appearance. That line ended with Queen Victoria and again the appearance of the royal family changed. Naturally the same process was at work in medieval times among all classes of people and may partly explain why such brilliant craftsmen were to be found then. They tended to marry within their own craft.

However, other factors have been at work: the demise of the arranged marriage must have tended to emphasize the female contribution. It would seem that love-matches, preceded by a long courtship, tended to give both parents an equal chance, leaving aside the question of the blood group.

We may conclude, then, that any one family must share the same blood and the same mainstream of radiation via the male line, modified to a certain extent by the introduction of weaker streams of radiation from the various female connections.

Because of this shared family radiation, the question of reincarnation arises. Indeed, where the male line is strong, and also shared, it might even be expected to flow from one family member to another, giving rise to "family memories" - vivid memories recorded as having come down through several generations, so that a grandson may remember an actual event which happened to his grandfather. Another example is to be found in shared sensations, particularly between twins who have developed from one individual fertilized ovum. An accident to one twin, who may be far away, causes the other to collapse. Many experiments have been carried out with closely-related people and animals which proves that the connection exists. It may well be that we exist as individual families rather than as individual persons. In most people, however, radiation is not strong enough to produce family memories or shared sensations.

Where the memories come from very far back - several centuries perhaps - re-incarnation has been suspected. In most cases, this is probably unlikely. Experiments have been done with the simple worm planarium which indicate that memories may be passed on from one generation to the next. However, there are certain cases of complete personality-change which suggest something more than the mere inheritance of memory. I studied the case of a young student who was at first a very poor learner and greatly disturbed by what he said were dreams about his great-grandfather, whom he had never met but whose memory was greatly respected in the family.

Suddenly his problems came to an end and he changed completely, becoming a good student, much more intelligent than he had formerly been, and, most interesting of all, gradually changed in appearance. Older members of the family and even the boy himself remarked how much he now resembled his great-grandfather, and he claimed he was now a re-incarnation of him.

Re-incarnation is something which is very difficult to prove, but it would seem possible on the face of it that where family radiation is lacking an exchange may be made, a stronger concentration coming down from the past and pushing the weaker out. In this way it would be possible for a man quite literally to live again in a descendant.

Many cases which seem to suggest this kind of re-incarnation have been recorded. It would appear, then, that the process could take place at an earlier stage, even before birth, in which case it would pass undetected.

From the foregoing we must conclude that love is the great power in radiation, or, more accurately, that radiation and love are synonymous. We speak of the matrix of Eternity and of its power, of the tremendous thrust of energy required to engender time in space and to create the primeval Universe. This radiation and its power comes down to us through the evolutionary tree and through our individual family trees and is seen and felt as family radiation and ability to love - ability to pass on the radiation to succeeding generations.

In theory, an increase in the population of creatures capable of love should affect the temperature of the immediate surroundings so that an increase in population density might be expected to give warmer winters - unless, of course, love among them declined. Not all of the radiation which warms this Earth comes from the Sun. Experiments along these lines have yet to be done, but considering the need to limit families and the tremendous amount of energy being lost which would otherwise have been concentrated into a new individual, it would seem that the power of love is, to a great extent, being wasted or disregarded.

If it is disregarded, it will not be called in from the matrix of Eternity - and this, as far as we in this Universe are concerned, is wasteful.

As I write these words, North America is having the coldest winter in recorded history. It is also going through a period, as is most of the rest of the world, where love is disregarded. I think it will emerge that we do this at our peril; no mere man can hope to stand up to the power of the energy which opened up our time-slot, thrust our galaxy into it, divided it into two and then proceeded to endow it with life.

Flying a Time Capsule, Calling Energy into the Time-Slot
 and the By-Products of Love

When a time capsule - a UFO - comes close to Earth, the wild time associated with its outer cover of electrons affects clocks, while the electrons themselves also have an effect on what is below.

In February 1977, a man was driving his car at Doucetteville, N. S., when a large time capsule about sixty feet long and multi-colored, with blue on top and red beneath, passed over him. The ammeter jumped and the clock leapt forward ten minutes, while he himself felt what seemed like an electric shock and a sensation that his skin was being "dragged off". It was frightening, but he hung on and it passed silently over. Then everything returned to normal and all he had apparently lost was ten minutes.

The man who told this story on television apparently did not see any people in the time capsule, but by the time it was next sighted on the same day at least two men were travelling in it, and it was making a humming noise. This may not have been audible to everybody as it was at a very low pitch.

The question that arises is how the occupants obtained the energy to propel their capsule. Nobody really knows how such things work, but on the face of it, it appears that they are modelled on the larger, more familiar time systems and it could be that in creating their own time-slot they have overcome the problems connected with the concept of perpetual motion; resistance and inertia, for instance.

A further problem is that we do not know what kind of men they are who fly these things, or whence they come. All reports - there are so many nowadays that they can no longer be ignored - indicate that men are indeed present, but that they are different from ourselves in many ways. They appear to be electrically charged, capable of overcoming opposition as if by hypnosis. Some have taken people into their spacecraft and returned them to Earth unharmed; others are reported to have taken people permanently.

Numerous photographs have been taken of UFOs, some of which may have been

Numerous photographs have been taken of UFOs, some of which may have been time capsules. Unfortunately, in spite of sightings, stories and photographs, we still know almost nothing about them or about the men who fly them. For my own part, although I am convinced that they are miniature time systems, dependent on vibrations and controlled by them, I feel that there is room for much more research. However, it is possible to suggest by what means they may be obtaining the energy they need. For this purpose it is convenient to refer to their occupants as men - modified men perhaps, but in many ways similar to ourselves. The important thing is that just as all the large time systems are connected with the matrix of Eternity, from which they draw their energy, so by analogy must these smaller time capsules. It seems that the men who fly them have devised a way to do this.

Man has an advantage over other creatures in that he can think more deeply; indeed, it is this ability to think as he does that sets man so far above the rest of the animal world. With it goes an ability to love which is equalled by very few other species. By these means, man has been able to receive more from the matrix of Eternity than any other creature, and this has enabled him increasingly to pull ahead. He is innovative, resilient and persistent; if he comes up against an obstacle, he gets around it; if his way is blocked, he finds another. All animals instinctively act for the benefit of their own species: man alone has the ability to think out how to do it and that tremendous source of energy has always been available to him, to be called upon at will provided the individual concerned has the knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to apply it to the benefit of his kind.

Bearing in mind the nature of time systems, it seems likely that what those who fly time capsules have done is to devise a way to strengthen their connection with the matrix of Eternity and in this way to use it to propel themselves through space, vibrating at such a speed as to keep a time capsule aloft and moving. Since apparently these men have studied and understand the various vibratory speeds available to them, they probably created their spacecraft themselves by the same means. It has to be remembered that a time capsule is not made of metal or any solid material: it is a miniature universe, bounded and kept in balance by various forces.

Since these time travellers can apparently harness primeval energy in this way, it seems a little strange that Earth men have not so far succeeded to anything like the same extent. Allowing for the fact that their bodies, even if similar to ours in appearance, may be very different in the way they function, it is unlikely that their feats could be equalled by Earth men. But all men, including ourselves here on Earth, are able to call upon the primeval energy that forms that matrix of Eternity through thought and love, and have done so to a certain extent, even if unconsciously, from the outset.

Looking at the past, many instances of its apparent use have been recorded, particularly in the Bible. To multiply matter energy is required. It must have been used, for instance, when Jesus fed the multitude on a totally inadequate supply of bread and fish: he obviously had the power to multiply matter. Little is heard nowadays of such a power, yet there were apparently other instances since those days. Perhaps the formula, which involves mathematical ratios of huge proportions, was forgotten, dying with those who knew and used it.

It seems to have been known to Richard II of England who lived 1367-1400 and reigned 1377-1399 and whose life was cut off too soon by an envious cousin. He claimed that he had Divine Right and it was rumored that as King he had the power of multiplying metals. In medieval times the creation of gold from base metals was the subject of much experimentation; likewise the ability to multiply gold once some was obtained. The envious cousin was Henry Bolingbroke, who usurped the throne and imprisoned Richard at Pontefract, where a year later he was murdered. Henry was apparently surprised when the gold he had taken from Richard did not automatically increase and banned its production, though tacitly making an exception of the Royal Mint. He acted in vain, but still leaves the impression that his murdered cousin must have been able to multiply matter. Was this what Richard meant, in part, by Divine Right? Certainly he was an unusually cultured and intelligent man who evidently had more up his sleeve than the handkerchief with whose invention he is credited.

When he died, poverty, mediocrity, piracy, and pestilence ensued.

There is probably no way of proving conclusively that Richard II could multiply metals or that it was with his murder that the formula was lost. But if Richard could do as is claimed of him, he must also have been able to obtain the necessary energy. The loss of that knowledge and ability was far greater than the loss of the formula, and had it not been lost history might have taken a very different course.

It may well be that because of what Henry IV did, a nation which might otherwise have benefited above all others from the connection with the matrix of Eternity, was forced to find an alternative and less satisfactory way forward. With the vital connection all but cut and ignorant of what was needed to bring them wealth and prosperity, the people turned to machines as a solution.

The great power was still available, but the people, not understanding, benefited only from the by-products of love. Unfortunately the situation is not static: love is for many different reasons on the decrease. We all know that love radiates - that is, it does not all go to the object of affection. Less love means less radiation; less radiation means less available energy. We see everywhere a disregard for love, not only between people but in other respects: less love for one's country, for instance, less love for one's work; and despite the huge pet animal population, less love for animals. Farming now depends on machines and increasingly only food-producing animals remain whose lives are mechanized from birth to the slaughterhouse.

Machines, which at first improved the lot of mankind, seem to run our lives. They were supposed to give us more time, but all they do is to make us hurry.

It seems strange that apparently nobody came forward with an alternative - except the men in the time capsules, and we have yet to discover where they come from.

A Nation of Time Travellers

We have always assumed that the occupants of UFOs or time capsules - the time travellers - come from another planet or even from another star system like that of our Sun. In fact no proof of this exists and the possibility which seems never to have been considered is that they originated on this planet. That would explain their apparent fascination with the Earth and its people.

For some not altogether explicable reason throughout history those who have tried to discover and study the nature of the Universe have come under suspicion and been subjected to persecution. The civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome gave a remarkable amount of freedom to those with the ability and the desire to understand the world around them. It was during this period that Pytheas of Massalia discovered what is now Scandinavia (330-325 B.C.) and he was the first man to devise a means of using astronomical measurements to ascertain the position of places on the Earth's surface. Eratosthenes (275-194? B.C.) invented latitude and longitude, divided the Earth into temperature zones and estimated for the first time its circumference. Then came Hipparchus (?190-125 B.C.) who introduced the division into degrees, and his follower, Posidonius (?135-51 B.C.). They were both followers of Eratosthenes and according to the records the first to meet with serious opposition. A man called Polybius, contemporary with Hipparchus, launched a vicious campaign against him, and his followers opposed Posidonius. Ptolemy, who lived in the second century after Christ, recorded all that had been discovered and invented in astronomy up to Posidonius and drew the best map of the world yet to be produced up to his time. There everything stopped, and throughout the Dark Ages during and after the Fall of the Roman Empire, anyone who attempted further investigation of the Universe was in serious trouble. It was actually more acceptable to say that the Earth was flat than to suggest that it might be revolving around the Sun.







Nicholas Copernicus (1473-1543), living so many centuries later, did not dare to publish his description of the Solar System. This was done only after his death. Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), a follower of Copernicus, was, in spite of the acceptance of his many other discoveries and inventions, thrown into jail and forced to recant when he stated that the Earth rotated around the Sun.

Galileo lived in the seventeenth century, only three hundred years before Einstein. Less than two hundred years later came the Industrial Revolution and the upsurge of modern science, but persecution was, if anything, on the increase as witness the French Revolution, not to mention the slave trade. Not all those persecuted were intellectuals - in some ways the tables were turned when the most able men of their time were chosen to replace deposed monarchs. But, despite their claim to be "enlightened", the revolutionary leaders of France executed Lavoisier, now known as the father of modern chemistry, in 1794. His crime was the discovery and investigation of oxygen.

It would hardly be surprising, then, if the followers of those who died, from Richard II onwards - he was murdered 73 years before the birth of Copernicus - devised a way to modify their bodies to overcome death, took their secrets with them, and lived on for centuries on end in their own time capsules.

Perhaps, too, other persecuted or rejected but intellectually brilliant minorities, turned out of their native lands and forced to wander the Earth, disappeared in this way. Nobody would have missed them - nobody wanted them. The Jews spring to mind: some of them might have been involved; and the wandering tribes of Gypsies, whose more brilliant members still preserve secrets of clairvoyance and the like, as well as the descendants of Leif Erikson, Viking discoverer of North America, who are said to have completely disappeared.

More recently, since the French Revolution, royal families have been the subjects of attack - some like the Romanovs said to have been executed, but their bodies never found. And what happened to all the Jacobites, many of them forbidden, as was the poet Alexander Pope, to attend a University? What more natural than to have set up a University of their own, safe and sound in space? Again, what happened to Louis XVII, the "lost Dauphin", supposed to have disappeared from jail as a boy of ten in 1795? Did he, too, join the denizens of the skies? And did some of these persecuted minorities -I can think of many others besides those listed - armed with their secret formulae and knowledge of the Universe, organize and set up a nation of their own?

Perhaps, now, they are coming back to help us solve our problems.

A Sixth Dimension; Conditions in Eternity
and Wild Radiation; Upper and Lower Regions

The five dimensions so far considered all exist in the time-slot. Of these, only radiation exists in the matrix of Eternity outside the time-slot. To leave the time-slot and go into Eternity involves increasing the vibrations until they are so fast that time disappears, i.e. when the speed of light is reached. At this point time becomes spatial and a very deep hole is seen in the matrix: length and time are one, or, from another point of view, depth and time are one. 2 (Click) Time has in fact disappeared. The speed of vibration increases, the hole closes and only radiation remains: now length, breadth, height, time, and radiation are one.

The question which now arises is what additional dimensions, if any, exist in the matrix of Eternity and what effect these, if present, would have on any time-slot, whether it be large like the main time-slot containing the Universe and all the subsidiary time-slots, or small, like a time capsule.

It might be supposed that because he can exist in the plasma in space, which is itself radiation and connected to the matrix of Eternity, a man in a time capsule will also be safe in the matrix itself. This, however, does not necessarily apply: the main time-slot is vast and has had enormous quantities of energy thrust into it, so that no matter what forces affect it from outside, it is unlikely to fail: it has a very strong connection to the source, on which it can always draw in such an unlikely emergency. The comparatively tiny time capsules have nothing comparable to this strength: they depend only on one or two men inside who, although capable of obtaining energy from the source, have no such strong connection and even if they had, would not be able to benefit from it, since the sheer quantity of energy would be too much for so delicately-balanced a thing as a time capsule.

One of the problems in the matrix is that radiation for everything and its opposite is present and present in vast and over-powering quantities with overwhelming strength. This radiation is uncoordinated, i.e. is not formed into anything, and so runs hither and thither: it is in fact wild radiation, very dangerous and unpredictable.

Worse than that, however, is the presence of a sixth dimension, that of pattern or the original concept. Pattern and radiation are the pre-requisites of existence, but whereas within the time-slot only the best patterns need be introduced, in Eternity all exist and may affect the matrix and anything in it.

Beset by these twin influences and in such conditions, a time capsule cannot exist but will, together with its occupants, simply become part of the matrix.

Fortunately there is a solution: time capsules belong not in the matrix, but in the time-slot - in the plasma; so, with a little help from the source, any time-traveller who has been too venturesome can be returned to safety. And there are, of course, inhibiting factors which would prevent him from ever getting into the matrix in the first place. The forces present in Eternity outside the time-slot would push him back. If he did get out, however, his sixth dimension - his pattern - would not be destroyed; and somewhat chastened, perhaps, he would find himself back in the main time-slot and making himself a new time capsule, none the worse for his experience.

It is the sixth dimension, then - the pattern - which ensures that everything that has ever existed and has been found to be good shall not be destroyed.

In theory, that which has not been found to work well may have its pattern destroyed and thus be utterly wiped out. However, because of the nature of Eternity, in which everything that is, was, or will be must be present, this is only possible within a system which has time. In other words, only in time is it possible to improve, and even there, bad or unworkable patterns must still exist in the past. That, we must assume, is what happened to the dinosaurs, as very few dangerous reptiles have come down to us from those days.

It is interesting that we speak of things "coming down" from the past: this gives us a more-or-less vertical time-slot apparently hanging in the matrix, with the past at the top and the future below, trailing away into the distance. The Earth, too, seems to have its upper and lower parts - we think of the North Pole as being uppermost. In the same way, the Solar System has upper and lower regions, as have all its planets. This is a concept which comes, apparently, from the source of our energy in the matrix of Eternity. The concept arises because it is from the upper regions of the time-slot that energy is being drawn; it was there that it was pushed in when the time-slot was first formed. Each galaxy, as well as the Solar System and each planet, has its own subsidiary time-slot and is connected to the matrix of Eternity, and where this connection is found becomes, as a concept, uppermost. In the case of the Earth, it is the northern regions.

There is, then, a further explanation for the cloud of electrons found over the North Pole: such a cloud, though much larger, must have preceded the formation of the Earth and may have predisposed it towards a slightly pear-like shape since, by their presence, these electrons would have been constantly attracting nuclear material to the upper part of the amorphous mass destined to become Earth. Some of these original electrons remained and in present conditions, of course, they balance the nuclear material at the core of the Earth.

The connection with the matrix of Eternity and with the source of its energy, together with the existence of patterns which may be changed as time goes on, ensures that everything within the time- slot must improve as we move into the future.

Perhaps the time travellers are part of that future.


Energy is the basis of all things; all is in Eternity.

Energy is thought: as primeval energy it is undirected; as radiation it is directed, and moves in spirals.

Every concept is matched by another which is equal and opposite.

Radiation may be favorable or unfavorable to life.

Wild radiation is energy which is directed but uncoordinated.

The matrix of Eternity consists of energy and wild radiation. A dimension is a condition for existence.

Eternity has two dimensions, pattern and radiation, and four potential dimensions, time, length, breadth and height or depth (the two last being aspects of the same concept).

Time-slots have the two basic dimensions plus the four others, and so contain space.

Time is created in conditions of lack of relative motion. Wild time is uncoordinated and occurs where there is space.

All speeds in Eternity are vibratory; linear speeds do not occur. Speeds within a time-slot may be linear, vibratory speeds also occur.

Nothing is ever totally destroyed since it exists in Eternity. Only in time is it possible to destroy what is unfavorable to life.

Only in time may life be created or exist. In time, that which is destroyed is left in the past.

All that is observed from the viewpoint of Eternity is eternal.

All that is observed from within space appears to be spatial, including that which is outside space in the matrix of Eternity. When time is created in the matrix of Eternity, it is seen as infinite length or infinite depth, having also breadth; space is created; vibrations have slowed down to the speed of light.

Viewed from outside, a time-slot appears to be finite; viewed from inside the space there appears to be infinite: an example which may be observed is the time capsule (known as a UFO).

Light is the first thing to be created within a time-slot, being caused by the presence of radiation.
To create anything within a time-slot, primeval energy and radiation must be present and must be thrust in from outside.

To create the Universe and every part of it, much radiation had to be thrust in.

To create life on earth and to cause every mutation yet more radiation had to be thrust in.

The geological revolutions and the comparatively sudden general mutations among living things were brought about by such an inflow of radiation.

The upper part of everything created is that part which from the outset has been connected with the source of energy in the matrix of Eternity.

Maleness and femaleness in thought are equal and opposite and inter-react to shape events. Maleness is direct; femaleness is diffusive.

"The Crucifixion" Fresco painted 1350. Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Yugoslavia.
Believed to be a Comet, are these reincarnated men granted their eternal life?

The radiation in a family is shared and so what affects one family member may affect others. Within a family, re-incarnation by means of family radiation is possible. Family radiation may cause family memories to occur. The act of loving calls in radiation from the matrix of Eternity; some is passed on to future generations; the rest may be either allowed to escape into the surroundings or put to some use.

                                                                             Close-up of Fresco UFOs

Where there is love, the surroundings which absorb radiation are seen to benefit.

In theory, the energy which becomes available from this radiation may be used to modify living things and to create small time-slots or time capsules which are seen as UFOs.


Joan Hope is not the only person to have seen and
communicated with those of us reincarnated in Light. 
The number of Time Travellers appearing in the
Art of history are too numerous to add to this book.
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Don't forget to read the notes below first, if you haven't read them already.


Note 1. Speeds greater than that of light-186.000 miles/second Einstein's theory: Velocities greater than that of light have no possibility of existence. This was applied to the Universe by others.

They concluded that when the velocity of the receding galaxies reaches that of light they will no longer be seen.

There is a law of science, applicable to Earth, which states that entropy (a measure of degree of disorganization) must increase.

This when applied to the Universe led to the theory that it was gradually disintegrating. Both theories were used in research.

Dr. B. B. Sinha has suggested that Einstein had in mind only the ordinary matter of the Earth's Milky Way and other known galaxies.

Tachyons; In 1962, another theory arose that there must exist some particles with a velocity greater than that of light. For years, scientists had been suggesting that such particles existed, but only in 1962 was the theory generally accepted. They were given the name of tachyons and scientists are now working on their identification. So far none have been discovered in existence.

According to Einstein's theory as interpreted, when the receding galaxies reach the speed of light, the light from them ceases to reach us so they "disappear". The same thing happens when an aircraft exceeds the speed of sound: suddenly it is not heard for a while. That does not mean that the aircraft is no longer there. In other words, the "disappearance" of the galaxies is an illusion.

It is easier to understand what happens when an object exceeds the speed of light if we think of it as approaching rather than receding from a second object at that speed. When they reach that point they will experience being apart and being together at the same moment - i.e. time and space disappear and all speeds above the speed of light are vibratory.

Dr. Sinha has suggested that scientists are looking for the wrong kind of particles, and in the wrong places. Perhaps the reason why they cannot find any tachyons is that they expect their speed to be linear when in fact it is vibratory.

Einstein's equation E=Mc▓ implies a speed equal to the speed of light squared c▓, so clearly he understood that higher speeds existed in atomic fission. M, the mass, is vibrating at c▓ when fission occurs. At that point matter breaks down into its component particles and becomes energy.

In this sense, a galaxy could "disappear" in that its individual stars would be gone. However, it would still be seen as a mass of energy.

Note 2. Time seen as Length: Nobody doubts that time has length, but this is experienced rather than seen; the observer has to go outside time to see its length. Since time has length, all that is in it also has length of time which may be observed in the same way. If we imagine a car going along a road from point A to point B, it will take a certain length of time to do so. But viewed from Eternity it will be seen at all points between A and B and so will appear as a long streak. A photographic time exposure as the car travels from A to B will register the time taken and a streak will appear on the photograph.

Note 3. Mendel's Theory of Heredity: Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884) was an Austrian Roman Catholic Priest and scientist. His studies of pea plant growth led to a rather rigid theory based on constant dominant and recessive factors existing in individual plants or animals in pairs, one factor from each pair being passed on to each individual in the next generation. Later his theory seemed to be confirmed when such factors were found to be carried in the genes.

His experiment with peas involved numerous offspring, which made it difficult to apply, for instance, to man, though it could be applied to fruit flies. He discovered in his pea plants a tall factor T and a short factor t and by crossing two plants Tt and Tt - both tall because T was dominant - he found that he ended up with 250 short plants in 1,000. Of the remaining 750, 500 carried a recessive t factor and would produce a proportion of short progeny as the parents had done, while 250 would produce, if crossed with each other, only tall plants. Thus the offspring of Tt and Tt were in the proportions of one TT, one tt and two Tt.

Mendel's theory was found to apply to a limited extent to man, in that brown eyes were found to be dominant to blue and therefore, if a brown-eyed person married one with blue eyes and they had four children, probably three would have brown eyes and one blue. The same was found to apply to families with a tendency to hemophilia: the disease, in which blood will not clot and patients may bleed to death from a small cut, was found to be carried by a recessive gene. Because Queen Victoria had a large family which this gene was found to exist, a study was made of her descendants and Mendel's theory was found to apply.

However, the theory is now no longer regarded as applicable in all cases. Even if it were, the progeny, especially in man, is seldom numerous enough for Mendelian inheritance to function. Quite apart from this, however, there are other factors which did not show up in Mendel's experiments. Genes are not always constant: a dominant gene may become recessive, for instance, and slight mutations are going on all the time, caused by the presence of radiation - for instance, radiation from the parents or in the case of plants and animals, from those who tend them; and radiation from the surroundings.

In other words, an experiment which in laboratory conditions proves the theory to be correct in those controlled conditions cannot be applied to life, in which so many other factors are involved. It so happens that eye-color is less affected by these other factors. It also may be that diseases, such as hemophilia, tend to be bred out by their remaining recessive in which case natural selection would perhaps also be involved.

Note 4. The DNA Spiral: The spiral, a feature of the entire Universe from galaxy to atom, has also been found to be present in the chromosomes of living cells. Two nucleic acids are mainly concerned in cells, ribonucleic acid (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DMA), which remains in the nucleus and is the substance of the genes found in the chromosomes of every cell of an individual plant or animal. In mitosis, the process of ordinary cell division, the amount of DNA first doubles, and each new cell has the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell. Reproductive cells, however, divide by meiosis: new cells are formed with only half the amount of DNA and half the number of chromosomes present in the original cell, so that when two join together they form one whole cell which proceeds to divide by mitosis as the new individual grows.

The strands of DNA molecules which form the chromosomes are sometimes referred to as genetic tapes because on them is recorded all the data needed for the growth of the new individual and for its maintenance as an adult. Each cell contains in its nucleus the number of chromosomes peculiar to its species. Each chromosome contains two linked spiral genetic tapes, one from each parent, the links consisting of nitrogen compounds and being so arranged as to pass on characteristics from the parents to the new individual. Heredity depends on these nitrogenous links and the only factor which can affect them is radiation from outside. DNA spirals are counterclockwise.

Protein molecules, if synthesized, may have either a clockwise or a counterclockwise spiral and come in equal proportions. Proteins found in nature, however, are all produced by living things and all have the universal counterclockwise spiral, indicating that they have been conditioned by the presence of radiation from outside.

Note 5. Black Holes: These have been found to suck everything into themselves, their gravitational pull being so strong that it prevents all emission of light or any other signals. Like most such phenomena, they are many light-years distant from Earth and so observers are seeing what happened in the past: Cygnus X-I, for instance, is 8,000 light years away. Black holes are seen by some astronomers as collapsed stars, which have imploded with such force that a star many times the size of the Sun is now a tiny chunk of immensely dense matter invisible to the observer through his telescope. Some black holes, such as Cygnus X-1, have been found to be actually binary stars - one star rotating around another - which are also a feature of the galaxy. The process is seen by some as a destructive one, in that in binary stars one is feeding on the other and when it has taken all it is thought to reach the stage of a black hole which will continue to suck everything into itself. It has even been suggested that the entire Universe will one day be sucked into black holes star by star. But could it be that a black hole is actually a mega-time-slot and the energy entering it creative? If this is so, we are looking at creation when we catch sight of a black hole.

Note 6. Kirlian Photography and Acupuncture: The process known as Kirlian photography was developed in the USSR and the findings of the Russian researchers have been confirmed elsewhere. By this process, the low-voltage electricity glowing from living things may be photographed. Leaves of plants are found to be outlined with light, while human fingers sprout what appear to be an extension of the nerve fibers. It seems that the ancient Chinese were aware of this and used it in acupuncture to concentrate the pain being carried along the nerves and draw it out of the body by extending the nerve endings with needles.

Note 7. Kirlian Photography and Ghosts: Experiments using the Kirlian process have been done with leaves. A cut leaf, when photographed in this way, shows also, though fainter, the outline of the part cut off. A dead plant or animal retains a faint outline of light, and this has even been found when Egyptian mummies were photographed. If the outline of the cut-off portion of a leaf remains in this form, it may be that the same or a similar method of photography could record a ghostly presence. It is a fact that ghosts have turned up accidentally in the course of ordinary photography.


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